Welcome to my site where I host my blog, “Halfway North.” My wife, Becky, and I have moved to White Lake, Wisconsin, which is at latitude 45°9’51.” This is just a few miles from the midway point between the North Pole and the equator—halfway north. We are calling this our 3rd Act as we have retired from our past careers but are now committed to living more sustainable, being more available for family and friends, and getting involved politically. This blog will document the journey.

If you are more interested in my archaeological work, please visit here: https://about.illinoisstate.edu/jmskibo/Pages/default.aspx

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I am a writer, archaeologist, former professor and university administrator. I am currently working on a book, “Half Way North,” that focuses on all things north. I also continue to write and publish in archaeology.


If you build it…

I have been doing less writing and more carpentry lately as we rushed to enclose the workshop/office before snow flies. Unfortunately, winter arrived earlier than expected so much of the work over the past three weeks was done with temperatures in the teens. Here are some pictures showing the sequences of construction and progress to …


You can contact me at: jmskibo@gmail.com