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The only bad thing about moving to Wisconsin is that we are going to be stuck with, along with the rest of the taxpayers, paying for the largest corporate welfare payout in history. With great fanfare, Donald Trump, Scott Walker and Paul Ryan announced that Foxconn, a Taiwanese cellphone and television manufacturer, would be locating in southeastern Wisconsin. Paul Ryan’s district, of course.  The plant will cost taxpayers between 3 and 4.5 billion dollars, which comes out to between a quarter million and a million dollars for every created job, depending on the number of jobs created and the final price tag. Will any of my neighbors get these jobs? Only if they want to commute 4 hours to work. Worse yet, the plant sits right on the border of Illinois, an easy commute for Bears fans who can take these jobs without having to pay the enormous tax penalty. Packer fans get screwed. Why not build the plant in Illinois and let the people of Racine or Kenosha, Wisconsin commute the less than 20 miles to work, and NOT be stuck with paying the 4.5 billion. Now, that would be a good deal for the people of Wisconsin. As it stands now, the deal is like trading Aaron Rodgers to the Bears for a 7th round draft pick.

Let’s just say that billions of tax payer dollars and the environmental risks (5.8 million gallons of water pumped out of Lake Michigan each day, filling lake beds, rerouting streams and discharging materials into wetlands) are worth the 13,000 or so jobs that may be created. The question is, why is it being built in southeastern Wisconsin without any debate or discussion? If all taxpayers have to pay for this plant, why is there not a statewide discussion of where it could be located? Wisconsin has over 200 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline. Why weren’t our north woods congressional representatives, Sean Duffy or Mike Gallagher, trying to get the plant built up here? If we have to pay up to a million dollars for each job created, why don’t we have a fair shot at getting some of these jobs?

If we can’t get any of these jobs but still get the bill, perhaps they will give us some of these fancy TVs for our underfunded schools, or our potholes could be filled with cell phones made in the plant.


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  1. This is what people from this area and at least half a brain have been saying since this all started. Trump came here and with Walker and Ryan said this was the best thing to happen to Wisconsin and tried to push everything through as fast as possible. Later came how much it was going to cost everyone and the emptying and
    polluting of Lake Michigan etc., etc. So very sad and scary. I feel sick!

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